HMNU acquires Laken Group

Human Unitec International, Inc., (OTC Pink: HMNU) (“HMNU“), announces strategic acquisition of Laken Group Ltd, UK, “Laken Group”, an England based company since 2020.

The terms of the agreement require HMNU to contribute the first financial of Four Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars, ($4,600,000), on or before June 10, 2021.

HMNU President, Fabrizio Bosticco, states:

“This agreement provides for important participation of Laken Group with our Group for the further integration and development of the Cryptocurrencies linked to the Real Estate market.”

Laken Group is the founder of BlockchainPropertyTrade, 10 Billions of PBT as virtual shares of a Real Estate Investment Fund.

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PBT is the most reliable and transparent cryptocurrency ever

Giuseppe Guccione, Laken Group President

“PBT is the most reliable and transparent cryptocurrency ever. PBT is committed to maintaining the real estate value that guarantees the PBT emission, without prejudice of the real estate market oscillations.

PBT is the most reliable and transparent cryptocurrency ever. PBT is a piece of information, decentralized and electronically stored, accessible to whoever has got the private key to read it.

PBT aims to bridge the gap between real estate investment and cryptocurrencies.

In buying PBTs, you will be effectively be storing your money in a cryptocurrency that will be backed by real estate assets around the world, thus effectively minimizing risks usually associated with altcoins.

The smart contract will be ERC20 compatible, allowing it to benefit from the Ethereum blockchain (and diffusion). Laken Group combines cryptocurrencies with the most precious asset: the house that can be used whenever you want, in the most beautiful cities in the world.”

Giuseppe Guccione

Giuseppe Guccione

Laken Group President

Soon, the results of the new real estate deals which, thanks to the collaboration with Human Unitec International Inc., will have an even greater and international reach.

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